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Engineer student award 2017
All-Poland contest for technical university students
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1 April - 31 August 2017

Win an internship in Germany and a PLN 3,000 prize!

Are you a student at a technical university? Are you pursuing a major, or have passions related to track infrastructure? Would you like to research and develop your own solutions? The ENGINEER STUDENT AWARD 2017 is the contest for you!

Contest details:

The ENGINEER STUDENT AWARD 2017 is intended for students and bridges two worlds: science and business, as a service to society. Without students, their fresh perspective and crazy concepts, it would be impossible to drive innovation and cutting-edge technologies in the area of vehicle safety and rail infrastructure.



We have prepared five problems related to rail infrastructure. Participants are expected to design or create a solution for one or more of these problems. Good luck!


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ENGINEER STUDENT AWARD 2017 consists of 3 stages

Stage I

1 April – 31 August

Entry submission

Stage II

18 September

Announcement of results

Stage III

TRAKO International Railway Fair 2017

Awarding of prizes

The grand prize for the ENGINEER STUDENT AWARD 2017

is a monthly internship at Dätwyler Sealing Technologies Deutschland GmbH and PLN 3,000.

Two distinction awards, each worth PLN 1,000, will also be presented.

The competition tasks

„Rail fixing with continuous support without cross-bars”

Designing a ballast-free track structure system with assembly of support elements in the “on top” technology with subsequent assembly of railway or tram rails, previously insulated with RCS® system profiles, without using cross-bars. Depending on needs, the system should allow for point-wise or continuous rail support.

„Sleeper pads - BN918145”

Designing elastic sleeper pads, assembled at the sleeper manufacturing stage, meeting technical requirements for supplies BN918145 Deutsche Bahn AG and also suitable for assembly on type PS_93/-94 sleepers used in railway system operated by PKP. The pads need to be permanently joined with sleepers to enable safe transport and operation.

„Deflection measurement during passage of a rail-vehicle”

Designing a device or a system for continuous measurement of deflection during regular operation, during passage of a rail-vehicle. The device or system should allow for measurements “in traffic” without the necessity of excluding the measured stretch from operation. The device should also measure traffic of vehicle on the railway. The measured data/measurement results need to be recorded in a continuous manners with the use of analytical software designed by the Competitor which would allow for its further processing.

„4. Pavement system for railway crossing with preservation of continuity of track and road pavement”

Designing a pavement system for railway crossing meeting basic safety requirements and at the same time keeping continuity of track and road pavement. If it is needed to perform rail works the system needs to guarantee easy (dis)assembly without interfering in railway subgrade structure. The crossing pavement system should take into account use of elastomer elements.

„Track safe for cyclists”

Designing a practical solution securing the tram trackage in the bike crossing area. Such a solution should make it easier and safer for cyclists to cross the crossing and eliminate uncontrolled, accident-conducing, entry of bike wheel into the rail groove. The solution should be durable (life of min. 5 years) and made in line with the rules in the art and craft of construction. Environmental and weather conditions, as well as possible foreign bodies should not have any influence on functionality of the system. It is desirable to use standard rails, but the Competitor may also propose special structure used in tram trackage. The proposed solution should take into account use of elastomer elements.

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